Hallmark Movie Channel will premiere "Finding a Family" this weekend

*Please Note: this new premiere family movie, "Finding a Family" - will air on Hallmark MOVIE Channel and not the regular Hallmark Channel.

Premieres Saturday, October 15th, 2011


As I mentioned to you all when the last movie premiered on Hallmark MOVIE Channel (The Cabin), I do not have this channel. I asked for any of you who have the Hallmark MOVIE Channel, who were able to watch the movie - to give your Movie Review and received a great response. I hope many of you will do the same with this newest movie.

Please visit the main page for Finding a Family, and scroll down to the comment box to leave your thoughts!

From everything I have seen and read, this looks like it will be a good family movie... plus there will be a Christmas scene in it, too!

Please Hallmark Channel - play this movie sometime during Christmas time, too!

Finding a Family is Available to Order on DVD.

I am looking forward to hearing your movie reviews.....

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