Hip Hip Hooray... It's Christmas Vacation!!! (with Clark Griswold!)

Every year I just love catching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on TV - and it seems every year one of the networks plays it early and not just once, but numerous times... which I also love!

This year we can catch Clark Griswold and the family, along with Cousin Eddie, too - on CMT, starting this weekend! (Times listed below for this weekend and even more times in the coming days in the Christmas TV Schedule!!)

Please Note: The Movie is officially rated PG-13. CMT and other networks, may or may not remove some of the original objectionable content. ((*Caution: Language, etc...))

October 22, 2011 Saturday

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (*PG-13) ... CMT ... 7 PM

October 23, 2011 Sunday

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (*PG-13) ... CMT ... 3 PM

Collector's National Lampoons Christmas Vacation DVD includes:

"It's the Christmas star, and that's all that matters tonight.
Not bonuses, or gifts, or turkeys or trees.
See kids, it means something different to everybody,
and now I know what it means to me."

"I dedicate this house to the Griswold Family Christmas."

~ Clark Griswold

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