World Series Baseball + Favorite Baseball Movies

Well, if you saw my post yesterday, then you read that I was cheering for the Texas Rangers to win the World Series Baseball Game last night. (game 6) I stayed with it... all the way into 11 (edge of my seat!) innings.... and they unfortunately, lost. With the games tied up 3-3 - it's any body's ball game now - and I'll be cheering on the Rangers tonight! (October 28, 2011)

*Inspired by the World Series, I was trying to think of my favorite baseball movies - and immediately, of course came to mind...

The Sandlot (the first Sandlot movie). It is so nostalgic - a true classic! I remember the first time I saw it - our family rented it on Video from our local Video Rental Store and watched it late one night while wrapping Christmas presents! Guess at that time we didn't have all the great Christmas Movies nearly 24-7 on TV like we do now! Plus, we didn't even have DVDs, yet! The Sandlot is a great movie about young boys and their love of baseball, friendship, and life! (There's also Sandlot 2 and Sandlot 3: Heading Home. Please Note: There is Language in these Movies. I'm not overly fond of the 2nd one, but the third one is rather neat, because they bring back some of the boys from the first movie all grown up!)

*My New Favorite Baseball Movie is now New on DVD...

A Mile in His Shoes  - Wonderful and Inspiring Baseball Movie starring Dean Cain and Luke Schroeder! Truly One of the VERY BEST TV MOVIES of the YEAR!!! Inspirational and full of Emotion! Terrific Movie for the entire family!!! (click here to read my full movie review!)

*Another Popular Baseball Movie also comes to mind ....

The Natural starring Robert Redford, Robert Duvall, Glenn Close, Kim Basinger, Wilford Brimley. For a Film Literature class I had years ago... we read the book before watching the movie and of course we had to write a paper that contrasted the differences between the two. They are very different stories - one concludes happily with a home run hit and the other - a strikeout! The movie is rated PG - but I think it's better suited for adults. It's a classic for any baseball fan - to watch Roy Hobbs, this young boy with a dream - become a man and ultimately fulfill his dreams.

*Other Notable Baseball Movies -

Field of Dreams - starring Kevin Costner. Interesting and deeply Emotional! I've got to say it.... "Build it, and they will come!" Wonderful story about the relationship between fathers and sons and their love for the game.

The Rookie - Great family baseball movie starring Dennis Quaid.

Rookie of the Year - Funny baseball movie for kids!

Angels in the Outfield & Angels in the Infield - Full of Spirit! ...Two More Funny baseball movies for kids!

The Final Season - Great Baseball Movie about a determined Baseball Coach and his devoted Team.

I love just about everything about the sport of Baseball... it's Americana as Apple Pie! I love to hear our Anthem played so proudly before the game begins and I am grateful they continue to sing, "God Bless America", in the middle of the Seventh Inning. It's not only beautiful, but encouraging, inspiring, and a plee from the hearts of all true Americans that God will, indeed, continue to watch over and bless this great land, that we Love!

Knowing that the 'Greats of all Time' - played this same simple game - and it has carried over from generation to generation - through good times, and bad times... Baseball  remains one of America's Favorite Past Times!

Enjoy the game tonight... "Play Ball !"

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