CMT's New Movie "To the Mat" Premieres Tonight!

August 17, 2011:
CMT Premiere

CMT has begun to create their own Original "Made-for-TV" Movies.

"To the Mat" starring Ricky Schroder and Laura Bell Bundy will be their first film.

According to Television Ratings, this will be rated TV-PG. Please check ratings (when movie begins in top corner) before viewing with any children. The subject of this film is wrestling - so I am expecting there to be some violence. Please Note: At this time, I have not viewed this movie - so I do not know if it will or will not be family-friendly.

Hopefully,  "To the Mat" will be a fun little movie-
but we shall see!

How many of you girls (& guys),
remember watching Ricky Schroder
on Silver Spoons, years ago?
What a cutie he was then - and still is today!
And, what a fun family show it was!

Click here - for details on Silver Spoons.


See the "To the Mat" page for more Movie details!


See the Family TV Schedule for times airing!

*If you plan to watch-
be sure to stop by later and give your review on the
"To the Mat" Movie Review page!

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