Jane Austen fans will love seeing Notable Austen Character in Hallmark Channel Movie

I could reveal the answer right away - as to who he is... but I think it would be more fun to see who can guess the right answer first!

Here's a Photo of him in the new Hallmark Channel Romantic Comedy Movie, Honeymoon for One:

And, here's a photo of him, from a favorite Jane Austen film:

5 Questions:

Who is this Actor?

What Jane Austen Movie is he famous for?

What character did he portray?

Which popular Jane Austen Actress, is his real-life wife?

Which Jane Austen Character is she famous for?

Check the Family Schedule to see when this movie is airing on the Hallmark Channel.

See the Honeymoon for One Page for more details - cast list, pictures, plot, etc...


I must also mention... there are truly some really wonderful Jane Austen Blogs out there that I just love! I shall mention & limit myself to only 3! (which, as Emma must agree... "shall be very difficult, indeed!")

One of these blogs is actually having a Jane Austen week - this week! - so it's quite appropriate that the week will end with a Jane Austen character in a new movie! She has been asking terrific Jane Austen questions all week - and I 've enjoyed reading every post! Her Austen images are always a delight to see!

Here's the Blog, you must see!: Elegance of Fashion

Jane Austen Week by Elegance of Fashion

Also, I adore...
another Jane Austen / Period Movie Blog: Old-Fashioned Charm

She always makes her page layouts and everything - quite lovely! I look forward always to seeing what she creates next!

Old-Fashioned Charm

And, last... but certainly Not least! Enchanted Serenity of Period Films

This is such a beautiful blog - so informative on all kinds of period films - Jane Austen and much, much more!!! I always enjoy it emmensely!

Enjoy, and be sure to visit the Honeymoon for One Page for more details on this newest Hallmark Channel Movie! (Please note: be sure to check TV ratings before viewing with your family!  Hopefully, this is family friendly, however - I do not know!)

Honeymoon for One

Have a Beautiful Weekend!!!

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