Christmas is right around the corner. Are you in the mood for a " sort of " Christmas Movie?

Today, August 19, 2011... Two Movies are airing today that I would classify as " Sort of " Christmas Movies!

First, there is "Bundle of Joy", starring Debbie Reynolds. It's a Romantic Comedy Re-make of the Ginger Roger's Movie - "Bachelor Girl". (By the way, it is Debbie Reynold's Day on TCM!)

Bundle of Joy airs on  TCM at 10:45 AM. est

Then, there is a favorite movie of mine... "While you were Sleeping", starring Sandra Bullock. I remember seeing this in the theater when it firsy came out! I've always loved it... fun and cute Romantic Comedy! And, there is a bit of Christmas in it, too!

While you were Sleeping airs on WE at 2:30 PM est or 2 AM est

Enjoy and Have a Great Day!

"Christmas Times a Comin...."

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