ABC Family Christmas Movie - 12 Dates of Christmas


12 Dates of Christmas

Network: ABC Family

Original Air Date: December 11, 2011

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Amy Smart ... Kate Stanton
Mark-Paul Gosselaar ... Miles
Benjamin Ayres ... Jack Evans
Richard Fitzpatrick ... Jim
Jennifer Kydd ... Nancy
Alexander De Jordy ... Peterson
Stephan James ... Michael
Joe MacLeod ... Toby
Laura Miyata ... Miyoko
Cherisse Woonsam ... Leigh
Joe Ring ... Santa Clause 1
Shant Srabian ... Security Guard
Andrea Lyons ... Caroller
Miles Faber ... Metro Santa
Sedina Fiati ... Caroller
Esther Jaciuk ... Caroller


from ABC Family:

This romantic comedy follows a young woman who re-lives the same first date on Christmas Eve over and over again. Will she be able to put her past behind and finally get the romantic Christmas she longs for or will she ruin her chances of love for good?

In "12 Dates of Christmas," Smart plays Kate, a young woman infatuated with Christmas and all the magic that surrounds it and is determined to find love. In an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend on Christmas Eve, Kate ends up ruining her blind date with Miles (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), a handsome guy her stepmother set her up with. In an odd twist of fate, Kate is given the chance to relive Christmas Eve over again – in fact twelve times - in order to not miss out on an opportunity she has always dreamed of - true love!

After understanding that a reconciliation with her ex is not in the cards, Kate decides to embrace what Christmas Eve has given her - a loving family, great friends and the prospect of a new love interest in Miles. However, right as Kate seems to think she has gotten it right, the clock strikes midnight and she unwillingly has to relive Christmas Eve once again. Although Kate appears to be distraught, she quickly understands she can do anything without consequences because by midnight all will be erased. With this newfound excitement for life Kate goes on a shopping spree, gets a tattoo and alters her appearance drastically finally enjoying the gift she has been given. In addition to improving herself, Kate starts to help others and decides to make this Christmas Eve what she wants it to be. By letting go of her controlling ways and fear of being alone, Kate not only helps others find their happiness, but finds her own by finally trusting fate.

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All photos (c) ABC Family 2011 for '12 Dates of Christmas'

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