Laugh with Lucy - 5 Days until Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday Celebration!

August 1, 2011, Monday-

In honor of the celebration of Lucy's 100th Birthday on August 6, 2011 - I thought we would count-down to the occasion this week by watching short clips of Favorite "I Love Lucy" Episodes!

Lucy's Home-made Dress and Home-Permanent!

Yikes... that is what makes Lucy great, even all these years later! I am from the generation of those (in the 80s) who got perms. Now, I love my hair straightener! So funny... I think many of us can relate!

This episode above is titled, Lucy wants new Furniture. It is available on I Love Lucy Season 2.

Hope this made you smile ~ have a Great Monday!

See the Lucille Ball TV Specials page for details on Lucille Ball Television Shows airing this Weekend!

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