Jimmy Stewart Movie Day on TCM - August 13, 2011

You may guess my favorite Jimmy Stewart film. It is, of course, It's a Wonderful Life. It is the very reason why this blog is titled, "It's a Wonderful Movie". I love everything about the movie - George Bailey, Bedford Falls, Clarence, the Bailey family, and as Mary Bailey says... "and well, everything!" Unfortunately, it cannot be played during this TCM Jimmy Stewart Movie Tribute Day. Why? Because it is owned by NBC and they play it once or twice at Christmastime. However, if you own It's a Wonderful Life on DVD - you can watch it whenever you want and there are many other Jimmy Stewart movies to enjoy!

There is actually another Jimmy Stewart movie, titled It's a Wonderful World. I have never seen it and it was done years before IAWL, but I am curious to watch it. (by the way - it is being played on August 12th!) It is not in any way connected to IAWL, except, that they both star Jimmy Stewart.

Plus, TCM is playing the incredible movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. We sure could use a man like Jimmy Stewart, in Washington today! I hope many will watch and be inspired. The Shop Around The Corner has a Christmas Scene - so many of us Christmas Movie watchers - will enjoy that one. Many of the other other movies TCM is playing of Jimmy Stewart's, are Westerns.

August 12, 2011:

It's a Wonderful World 10 PM

August 13, 2011:

The Last Gangster 6:00 AM

The Shopworn Angel 7:30 AM

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 9:00 AM

Wife vs. Secretary 11:15 AM

Vivacious Lady 12:45 PM

The Shop Around The Corner 2:30 PM

Bell, Book And Candle 4:15 PM

The Naked Spur 6:15 PM

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 8 PM

No Highway in the Sky 10:15 PM

Anatomy Of A Murder 12:00 AM

The Murder Man 2:45 AM

The Stratton Story 4 AM

Unfortunately, two of my other favorite Stewart movies won't be on today, either. They are Rear Window and The Man Who Knew too Much. Who doesn't love a good mystery? Oh well... maybe next time!

All I know is this... Whatever Jimmy Stewart is in, he captivates the screen and his audience.


*Click here for all James Stewart Movies - available on DVD.


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