Frenemies - Disney Channel Original Movie



Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: January 13, 2012


Zendaya Coleman ... Halle Brandon
Bella Thorne ... Avalon Greene
Stefanie Scott ... Julianne
Mary Mouser ... Emma / Savannah
Nick Robinson ... Josh Logan
Kathryn Greenwood ...
Jessalyn Wanlim ... Cherie St. Claire
Dylan Everett ... Lance Lancaster
Natalie Radford ... Jacqueline Reynolds
Connor Price ... Walker
Jascha Washington ... Kendall Coleman
Chantelle Chung ... Meagan
Jesse Bostick ... Emmett
Kendra Timmins ... Geekly Chic Magazine Cover Girl
Peter DaCunha ... George O'Neil
Lindsay MacDonald ... Student
Jamyria James ... Taylar
Adam Murciano ... Norm


The movie follows three pairs of friends as they try to find a balance when “besties go to worsties, and back again.”

"Frenemies" follows the lives of three very different sets of friends dealing with the ups and downs of friendship. The first story follows Halley (Zendaya) and Avalon (Bella Thorne), best friends who are overjoyed when a publisher wants to turn their fashion blog into a magazine, but their friendship is put to the test when they learn that the magazine only wants one of them to stay on as senior editor.

The second story follows the inseparable science-whiz Jake (Nick Robinson) and his dog, Murray. Jake is excited to introduce Murray to his new science project partner (and crush), Julianne (Stephanie Scott), but there's something about her that Murray just doesn't like – and the feeling is mutual.

In the last story, tomboy Savannah, who comes from a large high-energy family, meets privileged uptown girl Emma (Mary Mouser), who looks like her twin. The two girls become fast friends and decide to trade places for a while, but realize that life on the other side isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Kathryn Greenwood from Wind at my Back (Grace Bailey)

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