Kiss at Pine Lake - Hallmark Channel Movie


Kiss at Pine Lake

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: August 12, 2012


Barry Watson ... Luke Garvey
Mia Kirschner
Bill Engvall


Luke Garvey, a philanthropic entrepreneur, buys his uncle's Camp Pine Lake for sentimental reasons - to preserve his childhood memories - only to find himself as the new owner of a sinking business. He is disheartened when he realizes the camp may get shut down for safety code violations. Zoe McConnell, Luke's girlfriend from camp years ago, is the point person in her development firm assigned to convince Luke to sell his new land. When the two meet, they rekindle an old flame, and Zoe agrees to help Luke any way she can to save their favorite, childhood retreat. They must also learn to reconcile their past with their future.

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