New Mothers Day Banner for May!

Mothers Day is fast approaching as April will soon be coming to an end. This year Mothers Day is May 8th, 2011!

I created this new banner for May to recognize and honor Mothers from Classic TV shows and movies, as well as include a few images from some modern Hallmark Movies.

Image 1:
Smooch - a Hallmark Channel Original Movie about a Mother and Daughter, starring Kellie Martin.

Image 2:
Three Weeks, Three Kids - a New Hallmark Original Movie premiering Mothers Day weekend on the Hallmark Channel, starring Anna Chlumsky.

Image 3:

Leave it to Beaver - parents June and Ward Cleaver, portrayed by Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont.

Image 4:
I Love Lucy - Mother and Son - Lucy and Little Ricky, portrayed by Lucille Ball and Keith Thibodeaux.

Image 5:
Father Knows Best - parents James and Margaret Anderson, portrayed by Robert Young and Jane Wyatt.

Image 6:
The Waltons - parents John and Olivia Walton, portrayed by Ralph Waite and Michael Learned.

Image 7:
I Remember Mama - the Mother, Marta 'Mama' Hanson, portrayed by Irene Dunne.

Image 8:
Andy Hardy Movies - parents Judge James and Emily Hardy with Andy, portrayed by Lewis Stone, Fay Holden, and Mickey Rooney.

Image 9:
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet - parents Ozzie & Harriet Nelson. (characters have the same name.)

Image 10:
Little House on the Prairie - parents Charles and Caroline Ingalls, portrayed by Michael Landon and Karen Grassle.

Image 11:
The Donna Reed Show - Mother Donna Stone, portrayed by Donna Reed.

Image 12:
Meet Me in St. Louis - parents Alonzo and Anna Smith, portrayed by Leon Ames and Mary Astor.

Image 13:
Meet My Mom - (also known as: A Soldier Love Story) A Hallmark Channel Original Movie, premiered last year (2010) around Mothers Day on the Hallmark Channel, starring Lori Loughlin.

*Visit the FAMILY TV SCHEDULE for more Mothers Day & Family Movies - air dates and times.

God's Blessings to Mine and All Mothers... I Love You, Momma!

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