New Hallmark & Disney TV Movies Coming in 2012 ...

Hallmark Channel Original  TV Movies - 2012:

(click on Movie Titles below for more details!)

Disney Channel Original TV Movies - 2012:


Geek Charming

These all sound like very interesting plot outlines for these movies... especially the Hallmark films. I am most excited to hear about the Holiday Movies, a Thanksgiving based Film  - Love at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and a Christmas Movie - Norman Rockwell's Shuffleton Barbershop!

They sound so interesting and intriguing! I love the Norman Rockwell concept - and they will use actual Rockwell designs to fade into scenes! That sounds so amazing - it reminds me instantly of Eloise at Christmastime - as they did they same thing- posing real-life actors like the original Eloise artwork. They also did this in the Thomas Kinkade Christmas Movie - The Christmas Cottage. (Please note - The Christmas Cottage, unfortunately, is not for family viewing, due mostly to Language.)

Be sure to click on the links above to read the plots for each movie! Let me know which you like best!

Oh my goodness, I have to add - I 'm also excited to hear about The Note 3... I loved the other two - so I truly look forward to seeing how they will continue with these well-loved characters - Peyton and King, portrayed by Genie Francis and Ted McGinley, and created by author Angela Hunt.

It's so fun to know that the Hallmark Channel will continue to bring us such delightful films throughout holidays and seasons to come....


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