Hannah's Law - Hallmark MOVIE Channel Film


Hannah's Law

A.K.A. : Hannah's Way

Network: Hallmark MOVIE Channel

Original Air Date:June 9, 2012

Note: This is a Western - expect Guns and Violence!


Sara Canning
Kimberly Elise
Danny Glover
Billy Zane
Greyston Holt


Hannah Beaumont was just 12-years-old when a band of outlaws came through her hometown of Abilene, Texas, and murdered her entire family. Now she is a skilled bounty hunter out of Dodge City who is helping Deputy Marshall Wyatt Earp keep fugitives at bay. Secretly, Hannah tracks the remaining outlaws who are still free and on the run.

another description:

In the old West, a tough-as-nails bounty hunter hunts down the outlaw who brutally killed her family a decade earlier with his dangerous gang. With help from her friends, including the two men who are competing for her heart, she enters a dramatic showdown where a powerful secret is revealed about her family that will suddenly alter her lifelong course for revenge.

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