Goodnight for Justice - The Measure of a Man - Hallmark MOVIE Channel Film


Goodnight for Justice - The Measure of a Man

(this is the Second film in this series)

Network: Hallmark MOVIE Channel

Original Air Date: January 28, 2012

Please Note: This is a Western - so expect Guns and Violence.


Luke Perry ... John Goodnight
Nikolas Filipovic ... Bill
Cameron Bright ... Will
Teach Grant ... Deke Spradling
Sean Mathieson ... Henry
Stefanie von Pfetten ... Callie Bluepointe


A once fun-loving lawyer, the now-respectable Circuit Judge John Goodnight (Luke Perry) is a stickler for the law books with an aversion to arrogant attorneys. Traveling alone through the Wild West, Goodnight is unhappy when he finds himself in a dusty town’s courtroom with Lucius Breed, a malicious prosecutor. Things brighten up for Goodnight when he notices a beautiful widow in town, Callie Bluepoint (Stefanie von Pfetten). Before John has much time to preside over Breed’s tireless cases or spend more time with Callie, he witnesses a murderous bank robbery by the dangerous masked outlaw Deke Spradling and his gang of bandits, who have been terrorizing the town for months.

After Callie reveals a powerful secret about the identity of one of the bandits, Will (Cameron Bright), John is determined to discover the real story behind the Spradling gang and set Will--and the truth--free.

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