Movies on TV - this Weekend

Thought I would share my thoughts on some New & Not so New Movies airing on TV this weekend, for April 9th & 10th!

We'll start with the New....
Two New Movies airing this Weekend:

My Future Boyfriend *NEW TV-14
Upstairs Downstairs *NEW TV-PG

(I don't believe these movies are for Family Viewing, especially My Future Boyfriend. Please read details below!)

Other Movies airing this Weekend:

Pride & Prejudice (2005)
The Note II : Taking a Chance on Love
The Princess Diaries

Pride & Prejudice (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
*Visit the FAMILY TV SCHEDULE for air dates and times!

My Thoughts on these New Movies:

I have just learned that My Future Boyfriend is rated TV-14. It stars Barry Watson, Matt from 7th Heaven, but I guess this movie will NOT be family friendly. Therefore, I have removed it from the Family TV Schedule! ABC Family has been quite disappointing with the content of their Movies including way too much language and other things that are NOT appropriate for family viewing! I wanted you all to be aware of this... just in case!

Upstairs Downstairs is a new 3-Part mini-series for PBS. It will air on April 10, 17, & 24th! All of these nights will be different shows continuing from the previous one. The first two are Rated TV-PG. Please beware, though, there may be content in this mini-series NOT quite suitable for a family movie night!

Now, for the other 3 movies I mentioned -
Although they are not new, they are still delightful & wonderful....

The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love
*Pride & Prejudice (2005) stars Keira Knightley - it's a great Jane Austen plot twisting romantic tale! I absolutely love it!

*The Note II : Taking a Chance on Love stars Genie Francis & Ted McGinley - I've loved every movie in this series and I'm excited to know they are in the process of making a third! (click here for details!)

*The Princess Diaries - a sweet Disney movie starring Julie Andrews and Ann Hathaway - everyone loves it when an awkward girl becomes a Princess! Great Family Film!

These 3 movies are all great films and I personally have dvds of all these movies in my collection! Do you have any of these in yours?

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