Undercover Bridesmaid - Hallmark Channel Movie


Undercover Bridesmaid

A.K.A.: Bulletproof Bride

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: April 15, 2012

*This is the first Hallmark Channel Movie to start their debut move from Saturday Night - to Sunday Night Movie Premieres!


Brooke Burns
Gregory Harrison


Undercover Bridesmaid is the story about a highly-trained security guard Tanya who has lost her zest for romance after being jilted at the altar. Tanya takes an assignment posing as a bridgesmaid for a woman who has been receiving death threats before her wedding day. While undercover, Tanya unexpectedly falls for Jake, an attractive groomsman, and becomes great friends with the bride-to-be. Not only does Tayna end up solving the mystery, but she is able to move past old hurts and take a second chance on love.

another plot description:

An agent, who was once jilted at the alter goes undercover to protect a mogul's daughter, a bride-to-be, from death threats. But the agent soon finds herself embroiled with the groom's questionable, yet charming best friend, and unable to separate her bitter feelings from her past to survive this assignment. Between the aunt who is depleting the family scholarship fund, the playboy cousin with an inheritance at stake, and a very angry business partner, almost every wedding attendee is a legitimate suspect.

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